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                             " And a sower went out to sow........"  Matthew 13

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Welcome to Hundredfold Studio!  We specialize in creating beauty for God and His Church with hand-made vestments, specially-dyed rose fabric and vestments, and Infant of Prague outfits. 

At Hundredfold Studio, we believe that we should give our best to God whenever possible.  If participating at Holy Mass is partaking in Heaven on earth, than we should offer God our finest.  That is why Hundredfold Studio offers custom made vestments for priests using the finest liturgical fabrics and trims, as well as custom-dyed fabrics, to add to the beauty of the wedding supper of the Lamb.  One should be suitable attired to be welcomed to the banquet of the Lamb. 

The Catholic Church's array of vestments have developed over the last 2000 years.  Beginning with the simple Roman paenula, which was the common outer garment of the day, it was adopted and adapted by the Church into the distinctive chasuble we know today.  Over time, other parts were added to vestment sets - stole, burse, cope, and more.  

In the Old Testament, the Lord set apart his priests and directed what they were to wear while ministering in the Temple; today the Church directs her priests in much the same way.  While there is freedom regarding some things (such as style of embellishments, manner of construction, whether the chasuble goes to the floor or not), the Church gives general guidelines primarily regarding liturgical colors and seasons.  

Please look around the website and contact us with any questions regarding vestments.  We would love to work with you to create "something beautiful for God" (Mother Teresa).

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